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Learn to Sail

Where can I start?

Here at Coleraine Yacht Club, as an approved RYA Training Center, we offer high quality RYA approved sailing courses tailored for those of all backgrounds, personalities and ages, hosted by qualified and experienced instructors. Courses run throughout the summer months, with opportunities for you to try something new, or even if you want to sharpen your skills, there is something for everybody to enjoy.


During the summer, there are opportunities for you to come along to one of our courses with RYA Youth Stages 1+2/Adults Levels 1+2 course's taking place regularly. Level 1 covers the basics of sailing, with Level 2 adding in a bit of seamanship and building on manoeuvres learnt.  


If you choose to book a course, an information pack will be sent out containing essential information (Times, location etc.), learning outcomes and other details.

What can I do next?

Along side the level's 1 + 2 courses in the summer, we hold intermediate (Youth Levels 3+4 / Adults level 3) and Advanced courses. These allow sailors to learn new skills, in addition to enhancing those already learnt, and a chance to experience and try something new within the sport.

During the year, we hold various training days to help you improve your skills and also as an opportunity to get out sailing on Portrush Bay as well as weekly Sunday racing! Training is available to those who have completed courses while Sunday Racing is recommended to those with levels 2 and above.


What Do The Courses Entail?

Stage 1 & 2 - The beginner courses include the very basics of simple sailing. You will learn to launch and recover, crew and helm, tie maritime knots, collision avoidance and basic sailing skills. You will also learn parts of the boat. The beginner courses also provide a very social and enjoyable few days for kids and adults to meet new people and learn a new skill together.

Stage 3 & 4 - The next two stages of courses are more challenging but still provide a fun and sociable few days. You will learn to rig your own boat, sailing techniques, capsize recovery, man overboard and finally sail a crewed dinghy in more moderate conditions. These courses are especially rewarding as you will have completed the basics of sailing and will be able to sail a dinghy by yourself.

Advanced Modules - The advanced modules are the most challenging courses. Mostly they are completed by sailors who have been sailing for 1-2 years and have completed Stage 1-4 or Stage 3 and are doing their start racing module. There are multiple different modules from seamanship, sailing with spinnakers, day sailing, racing modules (start racing, intermediate racing, advanced racing) and lastly performance sailing. Each module focuses on one area of sailing compared to Stage 1-4 which cover the basics of all areas. 

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